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humanitarian decay by Chuck Bettis

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Arctic Oscillations cover
Arctic Oscillations cover
Engineer: Chuck Bettis
Straight up, Arctic Oscillations is my meditation on global warming and the problems that we humans have caused to this planet as well as a few of nature's responses to us.  Without going into detail of why i choose certain problems or responses as titles for the tracks, i would prefer if you ponder them and think about how and why they contribute to the vibration of the Arctic circle and it's melting of polar ice caps as well as how that effects us.   Change comes from within, each one teach one, and all that.  The music you hear will
be shaped by your perspective of your surroundings.  It is intended, as in all my music, to awaken humanity to it's surroundings.  Synthesist of sounds like synthesist of nature, all that survives can adapt, yet like nature is uncompromising.  -chuck bettisartwork design by Contour EditionsPlease visit Contour Editions to download other great music on this label!



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