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LOCATION:Dresden, Germany
from Phonocake netlabel: Several years, Christian Björklund made sound effects and music for Amiga and PC- games, Pinball and Car-racing-Games, for instance at UDS, swedens second largest producer. His old AMIGA-Tracks are so rare, that fans rip them off the games and put them to the Internet. After his days in the scene he made his degree in sound engineering in Piteå and then started to work for the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and the House of Dance, Sweden's main stage for contemporary dance. In 2006 he moved to Dresden for a one year stay. Phonocake met him at
audioLAB at Rundkino Dresden, where he came across with us. Connected to he started to prepare one of the nicest sound-setups for the interactive Dance-pavillon (by GEF) in the centre of dresden. He was playing a liveact in Puschkin's Sandraum, and together with Suburban Trash allstars at Scheune, later Moritzbastei and Wettbüro, also releasing one track at Phonocake's petit fours 2006 compilation and finally bringing out the Kore-CD on Bohnerwachs Tonträger, called 'The Lost tracks' ( All this happened after beeing introduced to to Bohnerwachs Records Noize Creator at the small swedish Norberg Festival in 2006. His musical influences are popular guitar and electronic music, Skinny Puppy, Front 242. But he also likes the sorrowful stuff like Björk. Also energetic Pop Music like Depeche Mode and The Knife gets his attention. He got some piano-lessons in the youth, what also can be seen and heard during his live acting.