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Chris Mann

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notes (on the user as software) freely available on Mann's site, The following is the transcription:   Fuck, this ones Busted. doesnt have any Words .. and coz everything would rather tell its story rather than get its Wish (or what do you think an Exploit Is, Change?), i mean how Anything can someone Be before you stop trusting them? .. other games without rules, .. and Anyway, how does irrelevance Cope (i mean with being a therapy)? i mean whoever said Professionalism is a Hate crime, has my hat. and for not puting it to Music .. i mean if english was good enough for jesus its good enough for me. and if intelligence is just an immune response, whats the allergy, Taste, experience, the Past? .. i mean isnt the idea to deny or anyway Banish examples as some sort of Graven image? (.. as if the law was merely representative .. Of, representative Of? what, a State of Exception, Other Moments of Code? (.. and as perspective is a Hinge (i mean i Always think theyre talking about something else.. (space as an artifact or Convenience of memory .. i mean basically we carry narrative around sos facts have a where to turn, some sort of tourist precinct ..(One of these is a They. we‚Äôre not exactly sure Which. and while collateral damage (, the Market,) is a System, and as the Whole is being asked to report at Once, there is in Fact then no Capital. (you know, capital as distribution.) Anywhere. and anywhere else, this might be an inconvenience, but here its what they call a Call. (which is interestingly Less than the number you first thought of whats more Chronic (i mean Paying Cash is not exactly an Appointment with the Past .. i mean why would a fact trust its narrator? (why, is this a form of Urgency? i mean whatever the facts Are, theyre not Complacent. their pensions is Way below the poverty line .. (and as the subject is by definition then Invisible (coz otherwise itd be the Object (duh)), and coz proof is always Trivial (coz it only happens while youre doing something Else dontyknOw), a synthetic homegrown Artificial Time (which is of course slower than its idEal friend ..selling scarcity in ti.. no, .. selling scarcity .., selling scarcity is easier than you might imagine, but being a classic pyramid scheme, there is of course some doubt as to its Legality .. as if making Sense was somehow Productive .. (which is not to say that dilettante parlour games dont keep one off the streets (its Own form of metaphysics), but ..  so, Ae is a minor third. Oh is something else. like a fifth. below .. (i mean whats the periodicity of a line anyway, Some? .. like musics just a measure of Privacy?  (and as consciousness is something of a health hazard (which is why of course dogs invented Sleep ..dear sir, i‚Äôd like to propose Ignorance as my alibi .. fuckin La De Da .. (aint that rather, Vague? cant keep my deja vu off of You .. you know, as if feedback were, Transcendence .. i mean how is it that thinking Doesnt happen? which is what, why noah sent out a dove, not a Duck? i mean what were ducks doing in the ark anyway? like redundancy as, Proof? (like theres a More redundant than a Pause? .. i mean isnt that what cops Do? (though I of course like any word, only works when not ingested. (though of course pathos is not to be underestimated as a supplier of what does the action Learn from its agent? (though in a yoyo youreonyourOwn economy, a bank isabank isabank. or Anaesthetic. as though consciousness was mere the measured death of some Alternative .. i mean it seems more portable than, Gravity. (though its an equally reluctant learner .. i mean consciousness is nowhere near as adaptive as, as Cancer .. and just as its what you dont see that tells us where the map is, its the immune function of perception tells us what we wanna Know ..  (so its the Repeatability of time, and somewhere warm and wet to put it, that gives us Pitch (or indeed Bank (the creative industry par excellence .. (i mean if you think of success as a Service .. and as the subject and the object use the verb to play chicken (and as japan and china use the Dollar (who blinks first inherits the american economy, (though where does that leave russia with its piles of counterfeits? they want to play rock paper scissors, but china wants to out source its aristocracy. talk about the physics of superposition) .. and suspended there above this narrative is some sort of credit default swap for which Loss is the instrument of choice. i mean the subject is a Joke. (but whatSortofjoke they wanna know, is it anything like sex? like does laugh have anything to do with Breath, or is one of these a description and therefore a mere subset of its sentence? i mean jokes require stabIlity.the history of the phrase imonlyhuman aint that hard to reconstruct. i mean there are only Six. i mean like theres only six degrees of separation. i mean do the, the Subject, also known as the subject Effect, is well known as the weakest organ in any proposition. as such it seeks filligree and structure, or Context, also known as the Art of the subject, and as there is nothing more judicailly Impoverished than the subject, .. but you Said .. ok, i give up, how many hypocrites does it take to ..? (though in these situations its always better to say nowt .. i mean irrelevance is a perfectly normalising take. and anyway, to which of the six did we outsource Violence?and as one of these is faster than rEal time (and if we employ the instability of the system as its rUntime .. (and while an author owns its Onetoone, it wants but a mirror to keep it Warm .. youknow, a pulse of Pause into the Ambient .. so now, if weve got Four left, and one of these is the Subject .. so is that Accusative or pluperfect or What? i mean Face it, truth Procrastinates. (more than a little.) and as description is the material surplus of any given, its very Symptom .. so how important Is it to the fact that it be Anonymous? Very, Almost, Some? .. is this the same as sublimation? i mean One is not digital, one is Analogue. Zero is Digital. Six is Digital .. halfway between contradiction and dialectic, lives, the joke. its not too happy. which is pretty much an understatement. i mean its peculiarly insecure. and tends therefore to overcompensation (though of course not All jokes are german). and while indeed Some are therefore art (, or anyway Habitual ..), and as All ambiguities sound the same (and all truisms sound like someone else .. i mean how would you know you were speaking English? coz ..? coz someones being Paid? This is not a Past. how ..? coz any change it manifests is still accessible to its Self. (though the object is not Definitionally psychotic .. Deduction, but .. i mean when satisfaction is in excess of the desire that suggested it, youve got Deduction. which is convenient. for the happy ending .. (though what of the joke that doesnt come at the End? .. i dunno .. i mean how much psychology can you get into a subject? (and if its NotAgAin?) i mean isnt the farce to know when to stop? .. so hows it working out for you, you know, intelligence?and as most Skipped the credit card as ambient media  and went straight for the Phone (i mean cash was always just a form of Broadcasting .. i mean the ego is Way past its useby date. i mean it was only ever sposed to be a temp fix for unemployed plumbers and the like, you know, a catch for those spare edges of .. which reminds me, Whats the science of forgetting? i mean whom else does it Require? a That to be forgiven? why, coz forgiveness is the sport of Amateurs? (like, like its only Losers play the Game ..? (i mean does Matter get to be Antimatter when Bored, or does it have to conceive of narrative First? (and coz reason can now conceive of Maybe Almost (which means only that its paranoid neurotic ..) and coz the first thing we know about time is that its Bouncy, and even probably unbAlanced (as if narrative was a Spiritual Instrument (i mean It at least, as words is but indulgent Symptoms of the corpse (as if roulette was but some ideAl negation) .. and coz the act then cant Repeat itself its somehow then deemed Tragic? like it, Sublimates? what a joke. (joke, a Radical, or born again, interest in the present.and coz it is Access that needs to be protected (data being mere Proof of access), credit is still useable by night. (i mean it doesnt actually Count, but does manage a reasonable impersonation of Order.) anyway, as i was saying, the User .. i mean there Is no Coincidence. in other words, its not Addition which is symbolic .. facts is Motivated. pictures of dementia .. though there is also the school that claims that not All logic is psychological .. what, as in ShutthefuckUp? i mean we could just as easily get used to the silence.and coz presenting the present as criteria is the height of generosity .. though while a parasite is sure a Form of consciousness, its technically unclear as to whether what it does is Work. so while a virus may indeed be categorically insane, that doesnt yet mean its not a profit .. so in answer to your question, Yes, it makes a more, Whatever, currency than does .. i mean while form is one of the Obvious cancers, really Any labour will do ..  and as labour abstrActs value (, but then again, so does english (as if doubt was but an infecting narcissism.. Love, but, is a (albeit stylish) grammatical violAtion. which doesnt Yet make it a sign of depression .. so, the neurotic is someone who wants to treat everyone and thing as their shrink (you know, gravity as a form of analysis, reason a valiant attempt at self cure ..). which makes the masochist guilty of What exactly, Narrative? .. (that the self is so, Preemtively pious is one of its early mistakes (though Revenge is one of the finer renditions of Bet. and as the hook, the Bait, grows ever more Like itself, it grows ever less indifferent .. so how bout double or .. , or is that too  Kitsch? .. i mean objects spend a lot of time not being something else .. so how do you know its the same? the same Time, i mean. how do you know its the same Time?i is a science. gets me from me to here. as a method it clearly leaves a lot to be desired. and as theres pockets of irony riding on this principle (as if looking were a form of equivalence (if not only something to Do .. a Name (you know, what transcendence looks like, before it pops the question (the initialising product of all commodities that is Abstraction .. )))), anyway, as i was saying, as Time is a function of Size, (though if mistakes is only something of a Phase transition .. though, again, the observer is here the Only constant. i mean the witness is but a compulsory moment of profit .. so, can a gift be Deduced? .. is this the definition of Feedback? or is feedback the gift as Parasite, you know, a parasite on any givenEss? .. otherwise, i guess the question remains whether prayer is Protected Speech. i mean its clearly Privileged. and this is evidence. i mean the event ain a Patch on its Speculation, the Unique Selling Proposition of the tale ( .. as if all sales were but wannabe catharsis .. so, Price, the Interrogation of prayer (i mean for prayer to be prayer it needs first claim Ignorance (though time share ignorance is a strangely Spensive fashion .. like if a voice is any Measure of its addressee .. i mean the essence of the voice is its Invisibility, a pronounced Object, or .. i mean does four Incriminate five? (or is it the other way round?i do what happens. (the perfect slum.) other subsequent results (you know, Proof, Suicide (as if there was a diff (i mean you can always put, whatever, i dunno, Yes, down to experience (though how Does intent cope with delay, by Description? .. ok, say imsorryiwaswrong three times quickly without can we think of Possibility as, as, as, can we think of possibility, as .. ays for horses beef or see if i care .. i mean is it falsifiable? .. is it Post falsifiable? (i mean theres always somthing beautiful about the failure to communicate. its not only its Intimacy, its Formalism (or adolescent narcissism ..  (so, questions the formalist asks always include, how Sad does something have to be before its beautiful? .. (knowledge though is mere a cheap form of Jealousy (though of course i‚Äôd Love to be known by Me .. (further songs in the romance of being right, you know, the giving of that which you dont Have .. i mean the beauty of the gift is its lack of indifference to itself. and its this, this Synthetic negation .. like its not the Object, but the Law which is the negation of the subject .. whats interesting in the tragedy of the same, is that its Named ( .. as if two oclock was only two oclock on Tuesday .. and therefore it wants to be Paid? .. Now? i mean is it Sick? i mean the purpose of work is to rehearse the experience of Grace. it takes a cop to confuse this with the Sentimental. ( .. so which part of What is the formalist, the Front? or is that incest? ( .. compassion for what you know, extends of course to other victims of the tongue .. though that doesnt make them Necessarily latent .. psychosomatic, Maybe ..and while profit is clear a form of Contradiction,