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Urgent Day Off by Chris Ball

Album Description


thirty masterworks of audio collage,
media appropriation, and other illegal tricks
for those who can HEAR the difference

Chances are, if you bought this disc in a store, it wasn't there because the store owner put it there. Once we had these CD's printed, we went into record stores in selected locations the world over, leaving copies in the bins for you to find. We used this "droplift" technique in order to protest the current state of copyright law in this country.

Why? Because our art is composed largely of uncleared samples. Each artist on this CD is involved in a relationship with media appropriation, found sound, and the art of collage.

For the last hundred years, artists have recognized the wide possibilities afforded by taking elements of the world around you -- newspaper clippings, photos, magazines, and even manufactured objects -- and recombining them to form works that are exciting, new, and often comment on who we are and what the times we live in are like. The artists on this CD do the same thing with sound.

We cut the TV, radio, tapes, recordings we've made, music we've creatively altered and purloined, samples we've found and hidden again, and even each other, to weave our own sonic tapestries that describe our lives and our times.

Unfortunately, the prejudices of others and the big business of music make what we do rather difficult to get out there. Rather limp and bullheaded interpretations of copyright law and irrational fears cause the music industry -- and its world of lawyers -- to ignore and threaten us.

All of which gets in the way of our work, and your enjoyment.

The artists on this disc want you to hear what we've made. We don't think there's anything illegal about it, so we did what we could to get it into your hands. Open your ears and let us inside for a moment, you'll see.

The Droplift Project is an art-response to the current relation of artists and lawmakers to the techniques of appropriation, collage, and sampling in music. It has been designed to play on your Compact Disc Audio Equipment without modification. Your ears, attention-span, and brain may require slight adjustments for maximum enjoyment of this Quality Product.



Tim Maloney - "Thunderclock"
Naked Rabbit
P.O. Box 36673
Los Angeles, CA 90036



Turntable Trainwreck - "Cubicle 38 Droplift Blues"
RH - 1551 Jefferson Street, Madison, WI 53711
ICQ 50387838



Phineas Narco & Ronald Redball - "Free Will"
Phineas Narco / NCN - c/o KFJC - 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 and



The Button - "Familiar Faces"
Jay Kennedy & Sam Harmon



Reggae Death Squad™ - "Rub My Face"



OBE - "Recycled Flashback"



Workeshoppe Radio Phonik - "Cute Ass"



Alamout Black - "Traitors"
Alamout Black is Ian Monroe, Craig Iannello, and Scott Schmitt
Alamout Black lives in Florida.



Chris Ball - "Urgent Day Off"
1420 9th St. #4
Berkeley, CA 94710



Project Data Control - "Blame the Media"
previously unreleased



Brain Science - "Monkey Business"



Mind - "Let's Play a Game"



Social Security - "Loder Runner (Droplift Flakes)"
modified from a track on an upcoming as-of-yet untitled MTV-
based Asstaco production.



Bonefish Sam and his Power Orchestra - "Mr. T. Adventure Story"
from the album "All The World & All The Tones"
Bonefish Sam, PO Box 772 Boise, Idaho 83701



Andy MacMillan



Ben Burck - "Sailor Mom"
c/o Naked Rabbit World Power Foundation
P.O. Box 36673, LA, CA 90036



EMP-T - "Son of Satan"



equatorial - "Long Slow Malcolm"
Steve Steffler- PO Box 418, Onoway, Alberta, T0E1V0 Canada



The Doom Patrol - "Year of the Rabbit"



Dad's New Slacks - "Ice Teal"
(excerpt from live radio mix performed 8/27/99,
WMPG, Portland, ME)
PO Box 4722, Portland ME 04112-4722



the Cranial Fishers - "No Need to Fear"



Entropical Utopia - "Asshole"



Seditious Halibut Media - "Marilyn Hanson Part 2"



(c)(P)ee - "King Brian"



Quiet American - "Checkmate"



Escape Mechanism - "Elf Song"
previously unavailable
3010 Hennepin Ave. S. (#145), Minneapolis, MN 55408



Kumquat - "Everyone is Afraid of Clowns"



Stop Children - "To the Fullest Extent of the Law"



M-Sli©k da ninjA - "Wannabe (DE(©on)ST®U©TIVE ®EMIX)"

Additional Resources:

Droplifting CD's into stores unawares is more than just a prank. If you are interested in some of the fairly serious issues regarding copyright, artists' rights to use media fragments, music industry reaction to sample-based works, and other such heady things, we encourage you to check out The Droplift Website at

Snuggle This! is an online compilation of similar tracks by many of the same artists. You can find it at

The Droplift Project is N© 2000 and is entirely in the Public Domain. This Project was coordinated and assembled electronically. Most of the participants have not met, and conceived and executed this disc over the Internet.

This project mastered and designed by Tim Maloney at Naked Rabbit Mystery Studios, P.O. Box 36673, LA, CA 90036.


09. Urgent Day Off (02:39)

Track Info

Bit Rate

Urgent Day Off by Chris Ball is licensed under a Public Domain Mark 1.0 License.


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