Choc Quib Town

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From Colombia’s grey capital of Bogotá, perched atop an Andean mesa,
head west. Follow the sunset across two mountain ranges, through fields
of coca hidden under the jungle canopy, and across God knows how many
rivers, until you reach the Pacific. Welcome to Chocó, the
Afro-Colombian capital. It is a place that breeds malarial disease and
plantain forests; where rhythms with names like bambazú pulse from
wooden homes on stilts while kids play soccer under relentless rainfall.
“The Pacific is basically Africa inside Colombia,” says 28-year-old
Yahanny Valencia, better known as Tostao, a name that echoes the
telltale accent of Pacificos, transforming the Spanish –ado into a
laid-back “ah-ow.” (read more at URB)