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Released Jan 01, 2005
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"Based on the psychological studies of Paul Clifford Brown, where several young babies were submited to very high frequencies exposure (orders of 20.000 to 23.000 Hz) and did obtain better results when they attended school (specially maths and portuguese language). These frequencies, only heard in the first months of human life, were reminded musically in this project Children For Breakfast by inverting the harmonic series of the musical notes, in what is today called Inverse Spectralism. For example, a melody heard in the second subsection of 'In apparent defiance' was written with original notes C9-D#9-B8-A#9 (fundamental frequencies of 22.150hz, 22.550hz, 21.100hz and 23.100hz), and then transposed according to the laws of Inverse Spectralism. The 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th negative parcial harmonics (Fibonacci series) were used, and the final melody resulted in E#2-G#4-B3-A#4. The impact of this music is being tested currently in the University of Toronto, Argentina, with 100 orphan children with problems relating with other children. After 3 months of experiments the scientists were able to conclude that the levels of aggressiveness declined and speech coherence and tolerance increased. However, one children cried and another became confused with the question "do you love your father?", leaving the final interpretation of the results open until further conclusions."
source: mySpace profile