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 Child Abuse (1 Albums, 6 Tracks)


Child Abuse
  • Tim Dahl: bass, vocals
  • Eric Lau: keyboards, vocals
  • Oran Canfield: drums
Child Abuse is a noise rock trio featuring Tim Dahl (bass and vocals), Eric Lau (keyboards and vocals), and Oran Canfield (drums) based out of Brooklyn, New York. Originally formed in 2004 as a duo with keyboardist/singer Luke Calzonettiand drummer Oran Canfield, the group expanded into a trio with the
addition of bassist Tim Dahl in the summer of 2005. In 2011, Luke Calzonetti left the band and was replaced by Eric Lau on keyboards. It was during this lineup change that Dahl added vocals in addition to his role as the bassist. Child Abuse has shared bills with many bands including Suicide, Ruins, Arab on Radar, The Locust, Thee Oh Sees, The Flying Luttenbachers, AIDS Wolf, Liturgy,[3] Rhys Chatham and many more. In 2014 Child Abuse joined the Skin Graft Records label for their latest release Trouble in Paradise. -Wikipedia


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