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Bringing out some of the best in the multinational/transcontinental dj conversation vein, Chief Boima has electrified the e-waves recently with several mixtapes featuring his patent mix of African coupe-decale, highlife, and relentless up-to-date-ness in the dj mix format. He's currently riding a dj residency at Little Baobab in the Mission/Hill district as well as promoting his own monthly party: The Highlife. Also, he produces tracks under the collective moniker Banana Clipz with Oro 11, Zurita, and Brooklyn's Uproot Andy. To top it off, he plays cello in the instrumental Beaten By Them, whose newest record is available from Thrill Jockey. Catch him writing at Sherbro Son as well as Ghetto Bassquake. (via Dylan Going at WFMU's Beware of the Blog!)
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