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 Cherubim (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


  • Brett Sroka
  • Yuko Pepe
“I heard the joyful shrieks of the cherubim singing and shouting ‘Hosannah,’ and the thundering shout of rapture from the seraphim, which made heaven and all creation shake.” -Ivan Karamazov Cherubim makes noises, drones, pulses and melodies with guitars, trombones, trinkets and computers, sampling and swirling it all into an
unearthly sound. After a few years of playing together in the 12,000 Trees collective, guitarist Yuko Pepe and laptop/trombonist Brett Sroka splintered off as a duo, with a strange, yet overlapping aesthetic. Yuko Pepe is an experimental/noise/improvisational musician based in Brooklyn, NY, born in Tokyo. She started playing the guitar in 2001 at university in Tokyo, where she also received her nick name, Pepe. Currently, Yuko plays with 12000 Trees, Cherubim, Helioscope and has performed solo in NYC, Berlin and Tokyo. Brett Sroka is a trombonist, computer musician and composer for film, dance, installations and his own ensembles. He has performed at BAMcafe, the Sonic Circuits Festival, the Guggenheim Museum and the Teatro Fondamenta Nueve in Venice, Italy. His minimal, electro-acoustic jazz trio Ergo released it’s third recording, "If Not Inertia", on Cuneiform Records in 2012.



The Joyful Shrieks of the Cherubim!
01. Cherubim - Homoptera 00:05:29
02. Cherubim - Bubbles 00:03:15
03. Cherubim - Tincture 00:09:44
04. Cherubim - Nina 00:03:48
05. Cherubim - Opal Fragment 00:06:00
06. Cherubim - Monkey Dance 00:04:30
07. Cherubim - Kasm 00:10:55