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 Checkie Brown (9 Albums, 92 Tracks)


LOCATION:Robert-Bosch-Str.2 73037 Göppingen Germany
  • Kieli Caster (Michael Kielkopf) - Gesang, Gitarre, Bass, Trompete.
  • Peatsticks (Peter Bruckmüller) - Schlagzeug.
  • Till (Paradiso) Kaz – Saxophon, Querflöte, Didgeridoo.
  • Lobo Loco (Wolf Schweizer-Gerth) – Hammond, Synthie, Bass und Gesang.
Sorry, FMA contact form not reach us! If you have any quests, or you want to come in contact, please mail directly to: Jazz-Funk-Soul-Krautrock with german lyrics.After Hippie House Jam Band .... Mushroom Funghi ... Krude Mischung ... out from Kielobot ... we are now Checkie BrownA few years with other Bands and many Guests we are finally back. Lobo Loco on Hammond, Wurlitzer, Rhodes Synth, bass and Vocals. Kieli on vocals, guitars, bass and trumpet. Peatsticks on drums. and Till Kaz on Sax. And of course sometimes with Special Guests. Most of the time we play in our
"Staubkeller" ...“Staubkeller” means a dusty and dirty room in the basement. And this is what our music stands for: a creative but dirty and dusty kind of music right from our basement…always good for a little surprise…  ... by the way most of the  "Staubkeller-Recordings" are jammed and live ...Have much fun, and if you like, please leave a comment ...

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