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 Caught Ship (2 Albums, 9 Tracks)


LOCATION:Melbourne, Australia
CAUGHT SHIP are a constantly evolving collective of musicians hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Over two and half years they have strived to explore many varied forms of sound and music, always with their eyes strictly focused on the future of sonic development.Formed by core members Ben "Razor-Sex" Snaath and Patrick
"Neck Burn" McMahon in Brisbane 2009, they started to explore the possibilities opened up with the rise of affordable samplers. Themes of inevitable cultural change, life in Australia and the esoteric became a large part of their musical ideaology early on and have continued throughout all their incarnations since then. Recordings from this early period consist of a tape as well as a live album, released through New Weird Australia's Editions series.After a period of fluctuating members and influence CAUGHT SHIP's line up solidified into a four piece exploring a heavy industrial sound, melding together electronic beats with ominous guitar and bass. This culminated in the recording of the album symmetricult at the end of 2010 and released in early 2011 through the CAUGHT SHIP bandcamp with a pay as you feel option.Following the release of symmetricult, CAUGHT SHIP once again reconfigured themselves. Now a trio, with Ben and Patrick joined by Erin Tyrrell, they have returned to their early explorations of electronic music. This time around they benefit from a greater understanding of electronic equipment and song writing, allowing them to create a more complex and evolved musical form. CAUGHT SHIP are currently preparing to record their second album.


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