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 Carly Ptak (2 Albums, 25 Tracks)


Carly Ptak
LOCATION:Baltimore, MD
  • Carly Ptak
  • Integration Hypnotherapy
Carly Ptak (along with Twig Harper, jointly AKA Nautical Almanac) is an inspired transplant to Baltimore from Chicago, homesteading in their performance space-cum-laboratory "Tarantula Hill" on a desolate stretch of West Pratt street. Dedicated to a snarling and seething aesthetic built up from broken parts of the discarded techno-culture, Ptak
is an expert at what has been called "circuit bending"--the practice of violently rewiring existing commercial hardware to turn it against its own philosophic basis (ie., a limited notion of what it means to "function.") Her improvisations tap directly into the heart of breaking equipment and frying circuits, with a huge appetites for directly lived situations and the sacred

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