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Camionero by Capullo

Album Description

Released:June 1st, 2010

Here we have a couple of brothers under the name of "Led" and, a quite unique friend called, "Prima Sandunga". All of them from Aguascalientes, México; tweaking Latino grooves with very interesting electronic dance music and, in the way, having a lot of fun writing silly lyrics in Spanish about Mexico's day-to-day cyber love life misfortunes. So, in a way, yeah, this can definitely be considered as Mexican "Hot Water Music" (Aguascalientes stands for "Hot Waters").

Once you listen to Capullo's music, you'll probably wonder why we released it. Don't worry. We don't blame you. But the answer is pretty obvious, really: We're from Mexico. We're Latin, deep inside, most of us really like kinky silly music. And that would also probably explain why we have such shitty soap operas. It's in our blood. Maybe you should try ignoring your problems dancing and singing to this music too. Seriously. Besides, their music might sound happy, but the lyrics aren't, really. Consider Capullo as our REAL youth's (not the one online) latest "emotronica". Yeah, yeah. New World Music, Urban Latin Rhythms, yada-yada. Whatever you wish, mijo. But, please, instead of making a weird face, help us spread this music around your globetrotting and next door parties. You won't regret: More than one person will ask you "What the hell are you listening to?"

So, go on and go crazy, you kitschy music DJ. We're also very happy to come up with this unique kind of music. Enjoy!

- The Poni Republic


06. Camionero (03:09)

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