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Track 4 by Caldera Lakes

Album Description

Eva and Brittany
Eva and Brittany
Woolgathering vocal melodies hover foundationless over sheets of noise, drone and buzz. You get scared, though you're oddly comforted at the same time. Still, it feels better with that night-light on. You hear what might be footsteps, or bells, or someone sawing sheet metal. Such is the music of Caldera
Lakes. The duo of Married in Berdichev (aka Brittany Gould) and Kevin Shields(aka Eva Aguila) were generous enough to share this rough cut of their newest album (which will eventually reappear as a proper release in edited form) with My Castle of Quiet and WFMU (four of these six tracks premiered on my show September 2nd.) The chaotic, sonic hailstorm conjured up by artists like Merzbow or Masonna meets the buoyant-but-bent psychedelia ofAzalia Snail, or Fifty Foot Hose, in these enjoyable recordings. The epic closer, "Arctic Ghost," is especially magnificent. Enjoy.



04. Caldera Lakes - Track 4 00:09:37

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