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It's Only Right by Shorty Raw

Album Description

On the heels of Raw Produce's album "The Feeling of Now," released in January of '04, and his critically acclaimed 2003 solo debut, "Cadence Poisons the Minds of the Children'" Cadence returns with his first producer album "State Lines;" providing beats behind more than 20 of the most talented MCs
in the game. Following in the Raw Pro tradition of well-crafted tracks, Cadence's textured beats provide the perfect backdrop for all-new songs from Mike G of the Jungle Brothers, Yesh of Wee Bee Foolish, Esoteric, Dooley-O, Binkis, OUO/Zimbabwe Legit and more. A healthy mix of underground vets and up and coming talent get their chance to shine while Cadence shows why he is as much of a force behind the boards as he is in front of the mic. -from Domination Recordings



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