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 Cadence (2 Albums, 6 Tracks)


As an MC, producer, DJ and devout crate digger Cadence has been involved hip hop in one way or another since the mid 80's when he was growing up in Cambridge MA. He started getting serious about making music in the early 90's, but it was the 1995 release of
the "Cycles" 12" by Raw Produce (Cadence and Pitch) that brought him to the attention of most listeners. At the time, what many listeners didn't know was that Raw Produce had already gotten their feet wet in the game by making beats for the legendary Tommy Boy label, but after shopping for (and nearly landing) a major label deal, they had grown disillusioned with the music industry an set their sites on making independent hip hop. Their timing couldn't have been better, as "Cycles" was released on the early edge of what would become the independent hip hop boom of the mid-late 90's. the single touched off a string of sought after releases for the group--helping to establish them a reliable source for intelligent, well produced hip hop. Cadence continued those traditions with the release of his first solo album, "Cadence Poisons the Minds of the Children" in 2003 and followed in '04 with the release of the long-delayed Raw Produce debut full-length the Feeling of now. Later that year, his producer album "State Lines" showcased his beatmaking skills, alongside more than 20 MCs. Now, in 2006, he returns with his second solo album, Creative Commerce. Along the way, Cadence has collaborated with legends, such as Mike G (Jungle Brothers), Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) and Grand Puba. He has also worked with a diverse list of underground hip hop talent, including Yesh (aka Yeshua dapoED), OUO/Zimbabwe Legit, J Rawls (Lone Catalysts), Thes One (PUTS), DJ Revolution and Mike Ladd; and fellow Boston area luminaries such as 7L and Esoteric, Mr. Lif and Akrobatik and the Vinyl ReAnimators. With complex, musical beats and lyrics that look at the ups and downs of the world around us, Cadence keeps making intelligent, well produced hip hop, with something to say. -from Domination Recordings



State Lines
03. Cadence - It's Only Right 00:03:53
05. Cadence - Flow Chart 00:03:06
11. Cadence - Crash Thru 00:03:53