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Caballo & The Mothafu Kings
LOCATION:Toronto, Canada (Born Columbian)
  • Caballo & The Mothafu Kings
Caballo, the alter ego of MC/producer Alberto Caballero, was born in Colombia in 1977, although he's based in Toronto Canada since 2007. Originally from a death metal background, Caballo made the leap to ragga/dub/cumbia MCing a number of years ago. His fourth album is a Double Disc, Sonidero Revolucionario (free download here) and Sonidero Evolucionario (7-31-11), is an extension of a uniquely global bass sound that Caballo's been developing over time. His ragga-heavy, politically charged rhymes travel across borders on the back of dub-y bass lines while bouncing along to dubstep beats or Cumbia riddims. Dixit Caballo : "I put
no boundaries to music. Any style is welcomed".