C. Spencer Yeh/Chris Corsano/Nate Wooley

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Nate Wooley has been called “confrontational” by the New York Times and “exquisitely hostile” by the Italian magazine Touching Extremes.  While steeped in jazz and free improvisation, he is also known for his solo work that uses the trumpet to control feedback and create alien soundsculptures.  C. Spencer Yeh is best known for his work as the founder of Burning Star Core and has worked with such underground legends as Tony Conrad and Jandek.  His music is noise and drone at its most thoughtful and compositional.  Chris Corsano has been the roaring fire beneath many groups, including Bjork, Sunburned Hand of the Man, and Paul Flaherty.  His solo recording, “The Young Cricketeer”, however, shows a thoughtful and interesting colorist at work beneath the heated surface.  The trio is loud and aggressive, but never without cause.  It is music that tempers noise and the ecstatic into musical terms.