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Coumaphos and Fluvalinate by C. Reider

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nx2014-02 - CC Experimental Electronic Music Compilation. (Compiled by: Miquel Parera)   Cover: nxComposition056-2014-2-26_23-42-15-04 (Miquel Parera)   Tracklist:   nx2014-02_01:: [expnet29] Jorge Marredo (Quejio) - 06.Nueve Info::   nx2014-02_02:: [vuzh048] C.Reider (I'd've) - 02.Menos Info::   nx2014-02_03:: [vuzh048] C.Reider (I'd've) - 04.Coumaphos and Fluvalinate Info::   nx2014-02_04:: [waag_rel042] Ade Hodges & Cousin Silas
(Space Time Mantra) - 14.The Damage Done Info::   nx2014-02_05:: [expnet30] Juan Antonio Nieto (Shortcut) - 05.Shortcut 5 Info::   nx2014-02_06:: [vuzh048] C.Reider (I'd've) - 08.Micrathena Info::   nx2014-02_07:: [waag_rel042] Ade Hodges & Cousin Silas (Space Time Mantra) - 03.An Abandoned Cofee... Info::   nx2014-02_08:: [expnet30] Juan Antonio Nieto (Shortcut) - 04.Shortcut 4 Info::   nx2014-02_09:: [expnet29] Jorge Marredo (Quejio) - 05.Dos Info::   nx2014-02_10:: [waag_rel042] Ade Hodges & Cousin Silas (Space Time Mantra) - 09.Parasomnia Info::   nx2014-02_11:: [wh276] Fabio Keiner (Cantos de Noche y Dia) - 01.Canto 1 Info::   nx2014-02_12:: [ctrl_vlv_048] Juice Machine (Gratitude Flows) -02.Illusory Self Info::   All tracks are CC, but if you don't want your work in this compilation, please contact me:



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