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COOLRUNNINGS play a mixture of surf, psychedelic, Afrobeat, synth-pop with an emphasis on percussion. The group started as a recording project in early December 2009 but swelled into a full band by January 2010 and are currently working on their first full length titled "Teenage Tennessee."
COOLRUNNINGS released their debut EP 'Buffalo' in April 2010 on Arcade Sound Ltd. In May of 2010 they self-released a follow up EP titled 'Babes Forever.' The band is Brandon Biondo (Guitar / Vocals / bass / keys / drums), Forrest Ferguson (Guitar / Vocals / bass / keys), Thomas Finn (Drums), Dan Quirand (Dance), David Thomasson (Bass), Elliott White (Keys / Drums) and Will Farner (Keys/Drums).

Latest albums

2011 - Album
2010 - Album