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Our names are Leopo and Andy, we grew up in Lomas de Zamora, in the outsides of Buenos Aires. We are both 25 yeras old. We came up with the idea of Cldscp in 2008 where we started to make some music. We wanted something easy to record so we could homemade it. Studios and stuff were (and are!) expensive for us, and we also like to mix our selves like part of the artistic process. In 2009 we recorded like 70 songs and we slpit them in 8 albums, all for free download. In those albums you cand find from regular songs, to industrial, synth-pop and noise. It was kind of looking "our way" (and still on it). This same year came "Menso freakfolk" (LCLCB04) and "My last field". "My last field" is our first CD release, and can be also downloaded (follow the WEBSITE link on your left).

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