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"I have always been surrounded by music. It was just there, attacking me. Inspiration struck in the form of my father's open hand against the side of my head. 'Get back to your piano lessons, or I'll smack you again,' he roared between whiskey shots. It was at that point
that I realized it was a life of music for me. "Since that time I have reeled from one creative triumph to the next, always just one or two degrees of separation from fame and fortune: I was in a band that once opened for Nirvana. I left before they played, but it was good. Two of my bands have had releases on K Records. I used to be friendly with legendary Riot Grrrl strategist and drummer, Tobi Vail. I was in a band with a woman who was the girlfriend of Hole's drummer. At this writing, I'm planning my next band project: 'Sycophant and the Name Droppers.'" Here are some of Matt Love's other band pages:The Waiters | Dweebish | Bizarro Ultraband | Blood Paradise | Homeless Goats | Knucklehead US | Lulina | Mr Roboto | Plan 13 | Sons of Sarookh | Tennessee Wayne | Twenty Froggies | RxR | SongPoetsource: profile at Oddio Overplay


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