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Burdeos, also known as Agua Oxigenada, is one of the surnames used by Jesús Sánchez to let his passion for the art go in multiple shapes. Born in Jaen but living for ages in Sevilla, he grow listening hip hop from his brother Lijero, between sprays and fanzines. Started developing electronic musical passion in 2000, and after started to produce his first compositions based on the sound by Warp, Planet Mu, Skam or Rephlex. Obsessive with concepts like abstraction, glitchs or the emotion, he creates a more and more ellaborated music, always searching for his own sound to be expressed. Member together with Kinki Boy from 100% cool, his music is a line crossed with different peaks: Hip Hop, Idm, Drill 'n bass, breakcore, Old school, 90's always with a vintage taste, walking between synthetic and organic.

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