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 Buffalo Stance (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


LOCATION:Philadelphia, PA
  • Jamey Robinson, Billy Dufala, Russell Higbee, Matt Gibson, Katie Miller
Buffalo Stance is made up of a core group of four guys playing the music of composer\performer Jamey Robinson. The eclectic album "Sugar Glider" was released last May and doesn't sound much like many albums you have heard recently. Jamey was a crucial force in the late avant-party band Need
New Body. In 2007 he won the prestigious Pew Fellowship in the Arts for Music Composition. Most of the music from that award became the album "Sugar Glider." He is now recording a new album with the Philly based group Man Man. "Jamey Robinson, keyboardist and vocalist, has forged an entirely individual path in experimental composition, bringing melody and unbound playfulness to an area of culture many consider to be austere and forbidding. Employing improvisational processes and technological tools of his own making, he unfurls what he calls "an apparent array of musical non sequiturs"-usually short vignettes, one utterly unlike the next, improbably held together by a unified, inimitable aesthetic. With influences ranging from ragtime piano to Shostakovich and Stravinsky, from 1940's rhythm and blues to carousel music, Robinson is attracted to sounds "that seem like they're going completely wrong but are actually beautiful." His dissonant harmonies, layered (often falsetto) vocals, and fragmented sonic textures have an internal coherence, a sense of discipline, even as they flout all recognized rules of musical craft. There is an unschooled quality, a disarming honesty, even an innocence to his music. Microtuned or prepared pianos, kazoos and practice chanters, computer software tools, and just about anything else can find its way onto Robinson's musical easel. His songs tend to be infectiously rhythmic, despite a general absence of percussion. He performs "Friends Forget" on an electronic keyboard with the pitches inverted, the highest and lowest notes in reverse. This piece is in fact Bach's Invention No. 13 in A minor, with a new, essentially unplanned harmonic contour and a drapery of added vocal color. Under the Moniker Buffalo Stance, he fashions far-flung musical concepts into a singularly expressive, wholly unpredictable, and strangely touching body of work."-David R AdlerYou can also dance to it!