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Brutal Hate Mosh
LOCATION:Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Brutal Hate Mosh uses simplistic and repetitive musical patterns; beats; experimental means of producing sound; multi-tracking; and multiple harmonies. It is described by others as “a weird catholic girls school, avant-pop choir”; “makes me want to punch my sister”; and “really, really awkward”. Brutal Hate Mosh began writing music at the end of 2007, and obtained a guitar at the end of 2008. She began making simply structured, intuitively created songs about dubious subject matter; and has since moved to making pop-ier and more beat oriented sounds. It’s Pronounced Kate Moss comprises a survey of 21 her earliest songs.She is
currently writing Brutal Hate Mosh: The Hip Hopera.


Tracks from compilations

13. Brutal Hate Mosh - Roads 00:01:43