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2999: 10:84

Album Description

Art By Meghan Hildebrand
Art By Meghan Hildebrand
"I envision this as a journey, from the aspect of a modern day human. This being is taken, not to be harmed, but to be taught, to another world/universe existing in unison with our own, however this world exists in the future. The human sees and hears many new sights
and sounds. The human cannot manifest emotions equal to the experience he is having, he does not fully understand what is taking place, but he enjoys it and feels at ease. In this universe, time is free flowing and has no rules, hence the title 10:84. 10:84 represents the idea that there could be any amount of minutes in an hour, or hours in a day, or days in a year, or years in a lifetime; the basic principal is that time, in this universe, is relative to each individual. There is no overarching world clock that keeps everything on the same pace, the creatures and beings in this universe exist in their own consciousness and space/time.Song by: BrownbearIllustration by: Meghan Hildebrand"From: follow the link for a full download of the artwork.



2999: 10:84
Brownbear - 10:84 00:04:24
UPLOADED: 07/28/2011

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