Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood

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Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood are a free-wheeling ensemble New South Wales, Australia. Based around leader Michael Donnelly (Terracid, 6majik9, Soarwhole, etc. and kingpin of the Music Your Mind Will Love You collective and label), this group spins otherworldly tribal-channeling jams. Initially a two-piece featuring Donnelly and his sister Kristina, the group has morphed into a larger, ever-shifting ensemble, a long-form improvisation incorporating both acoustic and electric textures as well as found sounds and occult-like vocal contortions. Since Kristina left the group, BOTOS has become a fluid collective that is defined more by environment than a defined aesthetic or core ensemble.“It’s evolved,” Donnelly says of the group. “Originally it was myself and my sister, but she pulled out of the process a year ago. So it’s mainly me, but with other people that come and stay here. It centres on this location. It’s the same people that often play in 6majik9, (another MYMWLY group) but when they come here and we record in this setting, it comes out as BOTOS.”

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