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Previously found prizing atom splitting feedback through a horizontal guitar, Bridget Hayden’s solo experiments have more lately sought the brooding, layered blues that we find resonating in “An Indifferent Ocean”. A stripped down set up, featuring an out of tune, hand me down guitar, two pedals of similar origin – no delays – and a donated fourtrack port-a-studio found on the street, has converged to form a crafted storm of abyss kicking improvisation.  Best known for her involvement with the hypnotic, shambollic and critically acclaimed drone band Vibracathedral Orchestra, Hayden split in 2006, desiring change and a new vein to
hone. She toured solo with kindred freaks such as The Aethr Method, Melanie Crowley-Delaney, Marcia Bassett and Sunburned Hand of the Man, later teaming up with The Telescopes’ henchman Stephen Lawrie to begin a noisy collaboration that continues to confuse and electrify. Here, in her first official and long awaited solo release, you will find a spectrum of somnambulist trances that seamlessly conjoin dense and frantic depth with delicate fracture. Relentless guitar shredding epics are interspersed with graceful, drifting melancholia that lull the listener back to shore with a warm, whispered dream after being crashed mercilessly against the rocks.


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