Short Circuits


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Released Jun 30, 2020
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Album info

Vulpiano Records is proud to present electronic artist Brevyn's first full-length album of all-new material. Complete with a fantastical story about a gardening robot's journey, the release marks a VGM-centric direction for the artist. Every track is a delight, highly-evocative of the natural world despite (or because) of the immersion in chiptune sound. You can also find descriptions for the atmosphere of the tracks in their lyrics tabs. My favorite track here is "Birds", complete with synthy tweets. Overall, an outstanding achievement in Brevyn's discography.

Licensed Creative Commons Attribution, the music is also available for use in video game projects of your own.

Words from the artist:

If you&rsquo;re downloading, I suggest WAV or another lossless file.

'A gardening robot awakens among hills, rivers and mountains, not remembering an inkling of its functions and original purpose. Something draws it to follow some unusually fussy glowflies and amphibians to the rocky mass of the Chrome Citadel, where it will rediscover just what it forgot..!'

I finally got the Magical 8Bit Plug in 2018: Short Circuits is the result. I was curious about 8-bit music for many years before... more
Cover art collage by Marilyn Roxie

Assets used in cover art:

Aamatniekss - Free Pixelart Platformer Tileset:
Crugger - 2d platformer resources c11:
GrafxKid - Gum Bot sprites:
MamaNeZakon - Forest Tileset:
Jaks - Pixel Nature:
La Red Games - Gems Coins Free: