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Lunar Wand (Full Version) by Brevyn

Album Description

Words from the artist: "I consider this a bit of a one-off since it wound up going on a cosmic synth-disco direction I didn't anticipate, certainly wouldn't be opposed to exploring this further since it feels good to mix it up with the songs I put out. I thought of
spacey sci-fi stuff going on in a dramatic film scene but with a bit of magic, hence the 'wand' in the title. I was mainly inspired by the Professor Genius binge I had that day. I wanted to cut the usual over-thinking and crisis over my current production limits to make something straightforward, melodic, something that demonstrated my neverending love for that colorful dance music the eighties did so right. It was a few months ago that I composed this now, since I'm very slow to polish up my songs, [let alone make them..]" LINKS Bandcamp - Soundcloud - Wordpress - Tumblr - Twitter - Rate Your Music - credits



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