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Majestic Shuffle by Borful Tang

Album Description

Back on the Tang gang with Dominic Cramp and his supersonic blender-in-a-briefcase. Scoring a big yes from Cramped-up samples of No Means No (#1) and the outstanding international collections of the Secret Museum of Mankind which gets dropped into a hyperkinetic drumroll on #4 (the bagpipes are nearly torn to
bits, but survive). There’s organ bombast on “Majestic Shuffle” strafed by unidentified flying synths. And if you missed meeting John and Mary on the “Destroyer” CD version Dominic tricked us with earlier, they are back and as confused as ever here. Indeed they are hungering for more in “The Restaurant”, which cuts me up and my lil pumpkin head. Accidental digital hardcore whipped up on #2, but by the end of all the denaturing of sound, the robots, samples, pedals, effects exist solely to take a walk in the snow with the birds. (Probably robot birds, built out of scrap from Chinese prison toy factories…). Plunderphrenetic. Reviewed by Thurston Hunge at KFJC



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