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 Bonne Aparte (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


LOCATION:Leeuwarde, NL
  • Gerrit vd Scheer, Simon vd Heide, Keimpe Koldijk, Michiel Klein, Johan Kooi, Jorrit Berends
Bonne Aparte is known for their need to push things in the red as far as they can by provoking their guitars, drums, percussion, synth and vocal chords. On stage they pull up a massive wall of noise and feedback but always with enough space between the bricks to let
through a beautiful melody. Combining the craziness of Captain Beefheart with the rhythmic tightness of Shellac and the adventurous musical approach of Millionaire, Bonne Aparte stands for overwhelming live performances and songs that are as exciting on tape as they are on stage.(myspace page, 12/08)