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Bomis Prendin - The early years   We got together sometime in 1978, refugees from the liberal and other arts, five post-adolescent DC-area transplants from Richmond and Pittsburgh. Within a few weeks, we were free-styling noisily in a living room cluttered with guitars and amps, a wheezing antique organ, rewired plastic musical toys, a half-dozen analog effects. We wrote songs on occasion, but more often just started making sounds, then made other sounds, ping-ponging between two cheap cassette decks.   With inexplicable hubris, we took our lowly Radio Shack Gold cassette master to a real recording studio to see if they could remove some of the hiss, so loud at times it was almost like having a rattlesnake in the band. After a few hours of brilliant work by our engineer, Malcolm “Pep” Peplow, we walked out with TEST on a reel of 1/4-inch tape the size of a pizza.   Throughout the rest of the process of designing and manufacturing the 1,000 or so copies we made, we all worked together, a half-baked assembly line, gluing and folding and stamping and bagging and putting little stickers on. We sent out copies, got lots of interesting reviews (including mail from Jandek, Fred Frith, Matt Howarth, Gary Panter, Irwin Chusid, Vale of Search & Destroy, Tim Sommer at Trouser Press, and Trev Faull at OUTLET, among others) and we even played a few shows. It was so much fun, we did it all over again a year later with Phantom Limb.   25 years later, after discovering that original copies of TEST and Phantom Limb were much in demand at ten times their 1980s price of $2.50, we sent our original 1/4-inch masters to Tom Kikta at DDAI in Pittsburgh for baking and digital transfer. Listening to the result was a revelation, as it will be for anyone who’s only heard the somewhat lo-fi flexidisc version. It’s as close to being in that cluttered living room as you, or we, can get.    These two flexi's were the basis for Bomis Prendin's inclusion on Steven Stapleton's now-legendary “Nurse With Wound” list.   - Miles Anderson

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