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 Bogdan Marcu (1 Albums, 4 Tracks)


Bogdan Marcu’s way, always winding and surprising, is a never-ending trip. Without following the formalities of any particular style, his aesthetics is a joyous manifestation of the postmodernist principles, according to which the information flows that bomb us everyday always gain new connotations, the moment it is divided into pieces
and recontextualized. Using any sampling source he finds relevant – always form a subjective point of view – and ready to recycle, Bogdan Marcu’s music is overwhelming like a roller coaster ride which does not give one the time to prepare for the next turn, the speed of the unfolding events sometimes resembling breakcore, happy hardcore or hard-techno. All this without the beats’ tributariness to any classical genre and without the final result’s being just another adrenaline-infused megamix.


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