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 Bobb Trimble (6 Albums, 19 Tracks)


LOCATION:Wormtown County, MA
  • Bobb Trimble
  • The Flying Spiders, Bobb Trimble's Flying Spiders, Crippled Dog Band, Flyin' Lion, Bobb and the Kidds
Born ten years too late to attract the attention he deserved, Bobb Trimble created an utterly unique body of work that merged psychedelia, folk-rock, space music and sound effects into rock’s most convincing depiction of a disturbed mind. As with most tortured artistic souls, Bobb’s distinct vision is filled with
much more than just fear and self-loathing. It drips with beauty and heartbreak, and his high, fragile voice bleeds with passion. The music evokes the sixties yet sounded contemporary when released in the eighties and again when re-released in the nineties. Bobb’s two impossibly rare albums change hands for ungodly sums of money, and for years his reputation grew among collectors as his music was heard via tape trades (often on unlabeled tapes, which led to one male collector falling in love with the beautiful voice only to be informed that the singer was actually a man). In the mid-90s, Bobb’s music was finally made widely available when the bulk of the two albums were released on CD as Jupiter Transmission. Die-hard fans of psychedelia rate Bobb’s music as the finest in the genre from the 80s. Most of Bobb’s public performances came in the very early 80s, around the time his two albums were released. Though his musical style differed from the punk rock bands in the “Wormtown” (Worcester, MA) scene, his oddball loner status made him fit in quite well with his musical peers. The Wormtown 78 punk compilation is credited with inspiring him to release his first album, Iron Curtain Innocence, in 1980. Bobb continued to record beyond his second album Harvest of Dreams, but he never again reached the amazing heights of these two original albums and this new material went mostly unreleased (Life Beyond the Doghouse, released by Orpheus Records of Denmark in 2002 is a notable exception). In 2000, he played guitar on “Buzz Bombb” on Abunai!’s Round-Wound album, and on their Deep Mu Flux +2 EP). In November 2007, Secretly Canadian reissued Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest of Dreams to significant acclaim. The following year, Bobb played two shows (his first in over ten years) — a combined set with The Prefab Messiahs at the Wormtown 30th Anniversary Bash, and an appearance with Bobb Trimble’s Flying Spiders at the Somerville MA stop of the Byron Coley-curated No More Bush Tour. A sold-out show in Cambridge MA with Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti followed in April 2009.  ─ Aaron Milenski, with current update by Kris Thompson, 2009