Blue Sausage Infant

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BLUE SAUSAGE INFANT is the work of Chester Hawkins of Washington DC. Since 1986, BSI has produced music that combines aspects of noise, drone, Krautrock, sample-plundering, dark ambient, and kosmische electronica to produce a multi-layered feast for the brain. Hawkins describes his music as "mean-spirited euphoria," a complex breed of long-form psychedelia with a hint of paranoia to augment the bliss...
BSI has collaborated in recordings and live performances with Lida Husik, Jeff Surak (Violet), New Carrollton, Stolen Government Binder Clip, Dave Newhouse (The Muffins), Thee Maximalists, Jason Mullinax (Pilesar), Gary Rouzer (Nine Strings, Vector Trio), Haunted Toilet, Phil Zampino (Changes To blind), Michael Shanahan (Reanimation), and Scott Phillips (Gum Yummy, Sarcastic Orgasm). Since 2008, BSI has focused on live performances and has appeared three times at the international experimental music festival Sonic Circuits.