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  • Victor
Bleeptor v. is the youngest son of the family. Like everyone else in the family he has always been involved with science. When he was a baby, his parents made him listen to Soothing Sounds for Baby by Raymond Scott and when he was 7 months old, he pronounced his
first BLEEP! He made a career as a famous inventor, responsible for the invention of the 8 Bit Multiple Spectralizer Chip, the Quantic Trampoline, the 120 pixels Ultrasonic Radiophone and the Interstellar Cosmic Antenna. As a profesor in the Institute of Tecnological Development of Klingels, he was in charge of the investigation concerning the smallest granular particle in the ultraviolet dimension. He was part of the team of scientists that synthesized, with technicolor rays, the seeds of fluorescent flowers. He was also main counselor in the making of the first safari created with electronic animals in Ziyobu, Japan. On his spare time, he produces sound compositions with samples of recordings he makes during his several trips to exotic planets, as well as sounds generated with his electronic inventions and from his chemical experiments. He also likes listening to great hits from the 80s and cooking his favorite octopus soup.