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Expanding lands

Album Description

Expanding lands by Blear Moon
Expanding lands by Blear Moon
Producer: Vlas Presnetsov
Emotionally driven improvisations was appearing during 2018 and 2019 in various places that I was living in: Czech Republic; Taiwan and Urals of Russia and those melodic atmospheres was representing my experiences and states of mind at that times. They were later revisited on the beginning of new decade and
formed into miscellany of my dreams and visions of future. Process of creating involved virtual and analog synth, acoustic guitar, field recording, experimental tape processing and deconstruction of digital data. credits released March 15, 2020 Photography by Alexander Bondar (Zoopark Publishing) Produced and mastered by Blear Moon (Vlas Presnetsov)


UPLOADED: 10/10/2020
LISTENS: 340068

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