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Coloured Lead Crayons by Bleak House

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Music From The Middle Room front cover
Music From The Middle Room front cover
Welcome inside Bleak House, do take an armchair and settle by the fire. To maintain spirits in this Autumn retreat, the staff are… making noises. Luke’s guitar is folding back on itself, flickering and flummoxing, Andy’s fingers stumble from slumber around the pianoforte, and Robert’s hands dance around in their percussive patter. Rest a while. What’s that you say? Knocking? Oh no my dear, don’t worry about the cellar. There’s nothing in the cellar. The log book tells me the current selections were recorded in 2006, with some additional flourishes pasted in during 2011. There's a detailed blog entry about
the making of this album here: If you would like to support the staff of Bleak House, this album is available on cassette from our Bandcamp page,



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