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 Blah Blah Blah (3 Albums, 14 Tracks)


LOCATION:Colchester UK
ACTIVE:1978 - 2020
  • Martin Croxford, Peter Wiggins, Vicky Jones, Ian Smith, Chris Andrews.
CLICK HERE for Latest News History Blah Blah Blah started out during the late 70s punk explosion creating sounds that were deliberately anti-music, anti-cool and above all totally unique. Improvising on electronic instruments they ventured where no-one else dared go. Their credo never to repeat a single number (even
live) meant that everything was recorded for posterity. Each session unearthed enough golden nuggets to make the journey worth it. These gathered nuggets were then released as albums. In the 80s they appeared at the 1st Leeds Futurama Festival and were briefly grouped with the Futurists, sharing live bills alongside fledgling electro-poppers Depeche Mode and chanteuse Marc Almond. The division of live audiences into Blah haters and Blah lovers, often caused near-riots. They eventually retired from the limelight following an attempted live arson attack on band members by a nice fellow in the audience at their thirteenth gig in Stevenage. If you mixed The Residents with the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band and Captain Beefheart you might end up with Blah Blah Blah – whimsical, weird and totally barmy. The influence of nursery rhymes, sea-shanties, trash literature and TV, and instruments sounding like something that’s escaped from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

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