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Avalanche (Star Slinger Remix) by Blackbird Blackbird

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Originally released as a mammoth miscellany by Mikey Sanders, aka, Blackbird Blackbird, Halo has been in a bit of a limbo this year, without seeing a proper release - Crash Symbols is proud to provide it. In spite of the delay, since Mikey unveiled the whole collection, it's managed to
circulate across the news feeds of literally hundreds of blogs, just like the title-single did before it had acquired first 16 and now 18 extra tracks. Nearly all of them commented on the significant stylistic shift that "Halo" represented, taking his synth laden dream pop into a more lo-fi direction. Although that doesn't hold true across the album, Halo still represents a substantial cross section of Mikey's development after his debut LP, Summer Heart, and easily demonstrates why he's one of the most blogged about musicians in the country. -Dwight Pavlovic "...a must-have for this summer." -Rebel Magazine "...its tearing my ears up." -Pasta Primavera "Spellbinding stuff, impossibly beautiful at times." -OMGVinyl "...Real Estate inspired lo-fi heaven." -No Fear of Pop "Perfect." -Beachtapes " ambitious growth spurt in the right direction." -In Your Speakers



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