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Fresh Air Traverse by Black Taj

Album Description

Black Taj - Beyonder
Black Taj - Beyonder
Black Taj's second full-length, Beyonder, considers again how to make classic rock sound new. Beyonder also answers any lingering questions surrounding Black Taj's rock pedigree. Black Taj's ability to negotiate a variety of classic rock styles, the genres and conventions that form the foundation for so much of the music
of the late 1960s and early 1970s, evidences the musicianship that fans of Polvo and Idyll Swords are already well familiar. "Move Me," "Cold Comfort" and "L.A. Shift" are the clearest indicators Black Taj has yet provided of Popson and Brylawski's shared past in Polvo. "Fresh Air Traverse" and "Only for a Moment" sound like Disraeli Gears-era Cream-when Clapton's vocals were at their most affected and polyrhythmic exchanges between guitar and Ginger Baker's kinetic percussion recalled the psych-prog experimentation of their art rock contemporaries in Soft Machine. "Cold Comfort" and "Little Child/Idyll Hill" offer examples of Black Taj's most brutal live jams, as does the direct-to-tape version of "Spacewash" included here. -Amish Records



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