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Black Stax is the avant-garde of Seattle hip-hop that will release their debut album Talking Buildings on June 1, 2010.  Comprised of MCs Silas Blak and Jace ECAj and vocalist Felicia Loud, Black Stax creates an eclectic, urban sound that is reminiscent of The Roots and The coup with a
dash of classic Janis Joplin.   Black Stax makes creative, challenging and emotional music with an injection of hip hop and 70s-era soul.  “Our sound is the soul of a songbird full of parables and riddles.  We speak to the streets, classrooms, clubs and community,” explains Jace ECAj.  "It’s more than hip hop, R&B or soul, it’s more of a classic combination like Soul 2 Soul and Groove Theory or just dope ass vibe music," adds Blak.   A collaboration that works, Black Stax successfully blends musical genres and attracts a varied and supportive following. In a recent review, The Stranger said “what defines Loud is…is her flawless command of the tones and textures of American Soul…what defines [the MCs] is their commitment to a hip hop that is complicated at the levels of ideas and expression, politics and language.”    Besides their unparalleled sound, what sets Black Stax apart is their ability to put on a memorable live show.  Individually they are veteran performers and collectively they are masters of setting a vibe and drawing in an audience. Felicia Loud is a born performer, an impressive stage actress (who most recently starred in Strawberry Theater Workshop's Lay Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill) and has a reputation for packing live music venues both big and small.  The Seattle Times called her “more than good – she’s a wonder.”  Fellow Black Stax member Silas Blak explains “Felicia brings light to our darkness, clarity to women and intrigues men.” Silas Blak and Jace ECAj, of the The Silent Lambs Project, have been a Seattle hip-hop staple since the 1990’s.  ”At every Silent Lambs Project concert they remind the audience that ‘this is serious music.’ It's not ‘innocent’ ass-shaking rap, or thugged-out ‘reality’ rap, and it isn't watery ‘elevated-consciousness’ rap, either…[they] have figured out is not to make reactionary rap that provides answers, but to maintain rap as a challenge. As a result, they write complex, refreshing songs,” raved The Stranger. Black Stax has appeared in the pages of The Stranger Newspaper, Seattle Weekly Newspaper and The Hype Magazine; online features include and  They have also performed at Seattle’s popular music venues such as Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater, Contour, ETG, Langston Hughes Performing Art Center, ACT Theater, and Chop Suey, at the Malcolm X Hip Hop Festival and on the national Dope Emporium