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 Black Dice (2 Albums, 5 Tracks)


Budapest 4/24/2009     from  macskapocs' flickr
LOCATION:New York City
  • Bjorn Copeland
  • Eric Copeland
  • Aaron Warren
  • Terrestrial Tones
  • Eric Copeland
  • Soft Circle
From their early days of post-hardcore, barstool-throwing shenanigans to today's forays into introspective, psychedelic junkyard dub, the NYC-based Black Dice has made quite a name for themselves as large scale explorers of electronic alchemy. Their 2012 release Mr. Impossible finds them more at ease than ever in condensing a wide
array of strange sounds into a compressed grid of structured compositions, still leaving room to bug out into expansive brain-frying jams. (Brian, WFMU 2012.)


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