BlackBox Red

BlackboxRed is loud, grunge, sexy and danceable. This duo is blasting off stage with guitars, drums and synthesizer. It's time…

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BlackBox Red Live at Vondelbunker 2012 - Album
Live at the Vondelbunker on Open Series #1 a new series of concert nights just started in Amsterdam


vago-mir Jul 26, 2013

Great, send them my best regards, the same to you.

Noise Problems Jul 24, 2013

Awesome thanks a lot those are great tips! I knew Jessy Bulbo shes fantastic. Luz de Riada and Ugly Miss Piggy sounds great too. Son pa llevar is very cool shows a lot of Df musicians. btw ill let Blackbox...

vago-mir Jul 23, 2013

Surely I'm not the best mexican music guide, it depends on what genre are you interested, for new traditional and modern mixes maybe you can take a look at this vimeo channel But if you want to hear some...

Noise Problems Jul 20, 2013

Ola vago-mir thanks for that comment. Thats awesome totally agree love live performance. Looking to come and record some stuff in Mexico soon. Do you know where and who perhaps?