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BlackboxRed is loud, grunge, sexy and danceable. This duo is blasting off stage with guitars, drums and synthesizer. It's time to dance to the grunge! A male drummer and a female guitarist from Friesland (the very north of Holland): two opposites in gender, differing 6 sizes in shoes, 350 days of age and 20 kilos in weight. Together they make a raw combination of grunge, blues and electro that encourages the crowd to start dancing.

With their strong DIY attitude they already achieved a lot and constantly keep challenging themselves. They're influenced by many grunge and electronic music like: Crystal Castles, Blood Red Shoes and The Dead Weather. In their live performance BlackboxRed takes over the stage; both in front and letting the energy and chemistry take force.


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vago-mir on 01/09/13 at 11:43PM
Great live performance, time ago to find great music from another place one should go with collectionist, music traficants, very strange stores, today you take a look on free music. This concerts are great to get to know bands, is not like an album but being a live performance it sounds more powerfull. Hope someday I could see them live, tell Blackbox Red to come to México, at least I'll go to the concert.
Noise Problems on 07/20/13 at 01:25PM
Ola vago-mir thanks for that comment. Thats awesome totally agree love live performance. Looking to come and record some stuff in Mexico soon. Do you know where and who perhaps?
vago-mir on 07/23/13 at 06:35PM
Surely I'm not the best mexican music guide, it depends on what genre are you interested, for new traditional and modern mixes maybe you can take a look at this vimeo channel

But if you want to hear some indie rock, well, there are many too, at this moment I'd mention:
Ugly Miss Piggy

Jessy Bulbo

Luz de Riada

But there are many (besides, almost all the bands I mention are from Mexico city, in various mexican cities are great bands, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Monterrey), I'll be glad to help you, and surely there would be different opinions that worth to hear.
We are in contact.
Noise Problems on 07/24/13 at 11:13AM
Awesome thanks a lot those are great tips!
I knew Jessy Bulbo shes fantastic. Luz de Riada and Ugly Miss Piggy sounds great too.
Son pa llevar is very cool shows a lot of Df musicians. btw ill let Blackbox Red know they got a fan in Mexico ;)
vago-mir on 07/26/13 at 10:48PM
Great, send them my best regards, the same to you.
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