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 Birdstriking (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


LOCATION:Beijing, China
  • He Fan: Vocal,Guitar
  • Wen Yuzhen: Guitar
  • Zhou Nairen: Bass
  • Wang Xinjiu: Percussion
 As early as the spring of 2009, when Birdstriking D-22 first took to the stage to play the club from the instrument, they quickly conquered all the people watching - not just young people who love music, even including Experienced musicians. But two weeks time, they found that although this
youthful band error-prone in the show, and even kept the broken strings and ran the sound, but it has a seasoned arranger and very good Chinese word for, fraught with danger and very high-spirited vitality. After the observation of their several performances, musical activist Michael Yanguangruili will decisively put them sign his own record company. With the birds increasingly excellent performance, Michael more calling them "a new generation of musicians in the crowd '' on Chinese underground music scene in an article which was written by Warner Music in addition to get from Michael and many musicians enjoy the famous music site Noisey also last year they recorded video performances and interviews, Ray Ban (Le Pen) is to invite them to show their party. Now they are its most fierce and powerful Maybe Mars The new army, but the average age of the three 22-year-old boy standing on the stage already full gas field, in addition to the music itself, that kind of inspiring youth force in experimental music unit "dry sleepless night" frequent and bold performances which is also full of birds who Creators temperament. 
February 2011, gradually mature birds began recording their album at the child, including 12 Chinese and English songs, chosen by PK14 lead singer Yang Haisong completed recording and mixing . Yang Haisong completed a number of very important records, including Carsick Cars, Ourself Beside Me as well as at the sub-8 Eye Spy's work. The young bands working again and he says that will be added before recording Birdstriking recorded the album in many past different and new ideas, including special treatment of the human voice recording and voice. In a song called "No Rock & Roll", he tries to put a microphone in between the two speakers to produce feedback, and let it runs through the entire song, called bold addition, lead singer and guitarist who played what more guitar on the album, so the sound field to become more plump and generous; while the band members from Chui Wan Yan Yulong is named "Magpie" songs played wonderful violin. 
For Beijing and China's underground music scene, the album enough to reflect the expansion of Beijing and China at the moment musicians vision, as well as changes in the state of New Music stretch. They do not and then cling to the existing limitations and worship music style, but praise the creativity .Birdstriking musical ambitions more macro: Above the noise rock, punk rock music, or more simply, they imagine a bird out of the shackles, housing a wide variety of all kinds of music or sound, and this at the child record just a beginning, just like the high-speed pursuit of freedom flying bird hit the armored, "Birdstriking" The meaning of the name is already clear, just like Liang Qichao " Young China ", in addition to talent, perhaps only the determination and courage of young people, we can change the world. - From Douban