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A To Z Of Your Heart by Billy Childish

Album Description

Host: Nadav Carmel
Engineer: Nadav Carmel
Wild Billy Childish, Thee Billy Childish, THE MAN WHO INVENTED ROCK AND ROLL, phones it in from Chatham, England, along with Julie Hamper (the Vermin Poets, the A-Lines) and a seeming dinner party. Do I really need to elaborate? OK. He's recorded over 100 records on too many labels to
list, with the Musicians of the British Empire, the Vermin Poets, the Buff Medways, Thee Headcoats, Thee Headcoatees, the Del Monas, Thee Mighty Caesars, Thee Milkshakes, the Pop Rivets, the Medway Poets, TV21, and more. Prolific doesn't even begin to describe the man. Add to that his collaborations with Holly Golightly, Sexton Ming, Dan Melchior, and the Downliners Sect, and accomplishments as an artist, author, poet, photographer, filmmaker, and ethnomusicographer, and you've got one impressive CV. Lucky for me, a few covers preclude us from posting the whole performance, cuz' I'm really no match for this guy. So you'll have to look elsewhere for the embarrassing banter.



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