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 Billy Bao (3 Albums, 8 Tracks)


LOCATION:Basque, Spain
  • Billy Bao
  • Alberto Lopez
  • Mattin
  • Xabier Erkizia
Since his relocation from Lagos, Nigeria to Bilbao in the Basque County of Spain in 2004, Billy Bao has wasted no time attacking the complacency and hypocrisy of the human race. His vehicle? Some of the most jarring, discordant noise punk captured onto vinyl in recent memory. Gathering a collection
of Basque County's most barbarous musical savages like drummer Alberto Lopez (LA SECTA, ATOM RHUMBA), and guitarists Mattin (SAKADA, LA GRIETA) and Xabier Erkizia (GUTARIKO BAT), Billy is determined to violate the eardrums and challenge the perceptions of fans and detractors worldwide. “I don't give a fuck about modern punk or metal music,” he explains. “I am not interested in craft or playing well. The guys - Mattin, Xabi and Alberto - are in charged of that. I am interested in ideas. It's easier to have an idea than to play an instrument.” Recorded in just two days, his latest album on Parts Unknown, “Dialectics of Shit” is an uber-abrasive collection of boredom-shattering feedback squeals, hypnotic record-skipping loops, and lumbering noise punk that at times puts even FLIPPER and KILSLUG to shame. “When I am talking about sabotage I do not only mean to do it on the streets, but also with the formats and frameworks that we work with; to sabotage our own expectations.” Bao says. “So if we are doing a vinyl we should explore and experiment with all the possibilities that it offers, to use it against the grain, for my punk has always been about attitude, I am disappointed with the world and I am going to express it in my own way.” Bao’s audio anarchy is certainly not subject to traditional distribution standards: The entire back-catalog has been handed over to bloggers for free downloading. His venomous views on agenda-party politics and capitalism are magnificently captured in tracks like “Drill City” and “Factory of Repression”, revealing a Michael Gira-like talent for capturing thoughts of true ugliness and transforming them into aggressive music. “I have been fucked and I will be fucked again,” Bao laments. “I cannot record this process, but I can express my desolation.”


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