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Bilal Bashir is no stranger to the music business, originally from the Bronx, N.Y. and holding it down in Los Angeles has been involved in the music biz for almost 3 decades. He first knew he wanted to get into music at an early age, as Bilal says “When I was very young I can remember my mother playing music all the time. As I got a little older in the early 70’s I discovered a sound that I really gravitated too. At the time I didn’t know it was going to be called hip hop, I just knew that
I loved the sound. Around the same time a cousin of mine was a member of a very influential hip hop group at the time called “Grand Master Flash & the Furious 5” his name was Keith Wiggins aka “Cowboy” RIP. Cowboy and Grand Master Flash really sparked me in the direction of hip hop. I really loved the dj aspect of hip hop and wanted to become a dj myself.” Bilal went on to dj’ing around the world for the legendary Kurtis Blow. When Bilal made his way out west he got his first shot in producing along with fellow artists Def Jeff and Egyptian Lover’s brother Dave Brousard on an independent record titled “Have You Seen Her” by Troop. From that point on Bilal was producing for the who’s who of West Coast hip hop, from working with Ice-T, Divine Styler, Everlast King T, 7A3, Cypress Hill, Mello Man Ace, Tha Alkaholiks, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Donald D and many more. While the early 90’s came and went Bilal Bashir came back with one of the most talented new groups in today’s hip hop world, that being Styles of Beyond which includes Bilal’s younger brother Takbir. Bilal released their debut release on his own Bilawn Records as well as produce a few tracks for them and oversee the recording of their debut album “2000 Fold”. Now back and ready in 2005, Bilal will bring you back to some of his past work before you hear the new. The first project from Dr. Bashir will be the instrumental version of Divine Styler’s classic debut “Word Power” that was entirely produce by Bilal. After this, expect much more from Bilal Bashir as he will be producing for more artists as well as working on more music of his own to release. -from Domination Recordings